For more than 15 years Ms. Earlene (Granny) Kilpatrick has served more than just delicious, nutritious meals for the students and faculty of Kid's Community College.  


Her heart of service accompanied every tray served, nose whiped and shoe lace tied. Many of her weekend hours were spent shopping for "her kids" and ensuring that they had what they needed from personal hygiene items for the young ladies to extra clothes and school supplies.


It is with mixed feelings that we announce the retirement of our beloved and much appreciated Cafeteria Manager. It is difficult if not impossible to sum up Granny’s contribution and achievements over her 15 years of dedicated service and love for the students and faculty of Kid’s Community College.  She will always be remembered as a hardworking, committed, and friendly person.  She is a true example to reference and follow and will be missed by all.

Any items purchased and/or messages left will be presented to her upon retirement and we’re hoping that everyone will take a moment to share with her the importance of her contribution over the years.  
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